Mazda RX-7 Design Concept

Hey Dopers,

I was encouraged to post this design elsewhere after posting it on several car artwork and photography boards. Was wondering what people here might think of it, since you’re all so well-spoken. I hope some of you are car buffs! This is one of my more recent sketches, my own idea for what the next-generation RX-7 may look like … and yes, Mazda will be making a new RX-7 in addition to the new RX-8, but this model will be an all-out sports car without the same utilitarian compromises of the RX-8. This is simply what I dreamed up, and doesn’t reflect any official design from Mazda! (but it should, haha …)

Mazda RX-7 Design Concept by Martin Lettvin

I’m a big fan of the new Mazda styling, so I have been attempting some designs lately. I wanted this sketch to be modern but not overly so. You could say I wanted to blend classic RX-7 cues with the sleekness of the RX-8 and the 6. Yes, even Mazda has some heritage that can be used as “retro” material. Some would say the Japanese brands have no design heritage to speak of, but I think Mazda has a very strong heritage in the RX-7 and there is a lot of character in past designs to draw from. If I had to list my two main inspirations, it would be the classic RX-7’s and the first Stingray Corvette. I wanted to keep the very characteristic front fender sweep and Corvette-like B-billar that cuts off just aft of the driver’s head, revealing a panoramic glass rear window with no trailing pillar, just like the Vette and RX-8. I gave this sketch a much sharper look overall than the RX-8, which is a bit bulbous by comparison … this is much more a no-compromises design than the RX-8, which gives up some sportiness for utilitarianism. I know it looks rather long (the hood is probably a lot longer than it needs to be given the fact that it will be rotary-powered) but it gives it a dramatic flair that almost makes you confuse it for an Italian front-engine GT design like the Ferrari Maranello or Maserati Spyder. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :smiley:

And yes, the wheels are from the RX-8. :slight_smile:

Honest constructive criticism?

Before I begin, the RX-7 was one of my favorite cars as a teenager, and though I never owned a Mazda, my favorite car in Gran Turismo was the RX-8. hehheh.

On first glance I like it. But I think there’s room for a couple tweaks:

I think the front end should be a hair shorter. (Half a foot or so less distance between front bumper and windshield.)

The back windows have an unwieldy shape. Make them end just past the top spoke on the rear wheel.

The front end, from front wheel to hood, looks a bit odd. I was going to say it needs to be more concave, but I just realized that it may be the bumper. Perhaps the design is fine, but, erhm, the artistic portrayal could be stepped up a notch? No offense at all intended.

Other than that, I’m a big fan. Looks good.

Of course, now I’m curious what it would look like from overhead, behind it, behind it on an angle, and in front of it on an angle. So, uh, how good are you with AutoCAD? :slight_smile: