McCain misquotes Hemingway

He noted, though, that the Gary Cooper movie wasn’t as good as the book and added with a chuckle, “But For June the Pole Swells was a fucking masterpiece!”

Porn? I see tons of double entendre in that post. :wink:

:: checks list of people going to hell ::

According to the update I got from Uncle Luci this morning, you are not yet damned and are currently destined for no worse than a brief stay in purgatory followed by an eternity of bliss, chocolate, and limber virgins of the gender and orientation best suited to your needs. I have, however, been empowered to make you an offer for your soul.

What else do old, white guys have to look forward to after they’ve lost out for the most powerful position in the free world?


I normally don’t laugh so hard at things on the Dope as to injure myself, but this got a bursting bark out of me that was a total surprise, and I think I bruised my throat.

Excellent, my friend!

Seems to me that talking about how you hate very much to leave the world isn’t the best tactic for a 72-year-old of questionable health running for office, if that is indeed the quote.

Perhaps because Wonderful brings it closer to the use of Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World in movie Good morning, Vietnam (youtube link with clips of movie)? Other than that, I got nuthin’.

And serves you right!

McCain’s such an idiot. I don’t listen to him anymore – especially on David Letterman when he said, “Iraq is a place which has had no stable government since Alexander The Great.” Umm…EXCUSE ME?? What about the Persian Empire? The Arabian Empire? The Ottoman Empire?? What a jerk…if he doesn’t understand the true History of the Middle East, he has no business being ANYWHERE near the White House. I sure hope he retires and moves back to Arizona soon…

The Persian Empire? Come on… Alexander destroyed the Persian Empire. Post Macedonian rule, it was the Parthians that provided a stable government for the region.

I ain’t votin’ for you, neither.

The one destroyed by Alexander is called the Achaemenid Empire. There was more than one Persian Empire.

Maybe McCain shouldn’t be asking for whom the bell tolls…

That would have been quite a gaffe if he had actually said that.

Unless you think Osama bin Laden is hiding in Iraq.


Worked for Bob Dole.

Ah, he was talking about northern Pakistan, not Iraq. My bad. :smack:

Okay, that’s a little less egregious, but…it would’ve been more accurate to say “Genghis Khan” instead of “Alexander the Great”. (Good ol’ Temüjin sure made a mess of that area, didn’t he!!) But there were definitely “stable governments” (i.e. Sultanates) ruling that area between 335 B.C. and 1215 A.D., so McCain’s still a bloomin’ idiot.