McCain misquotes Hemingway

Sorry no link.
Dumbass McCain claims that For Whom the Bell Tolls is his favorite book and then twists the meaning of one the most famous quotes by changing “fine” to “wonderful.”

I hope this costs him the election.

He sure changed my vote.

Maybe he misread it off a Starbucks cup.

You don’t say! Who read it to him?

I think it’s more interesting that he’s inspired by the story of a Communist Party operative.

I’ll be the illiterate boob to say that I have no idea what quote you’re talking about.

I’ll be the left boob.

All I can think of is:
“The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it.*”

but how wonderful “twists the meaning” of that beats me.

And me in the center. I read the book, and I still don’t know

“The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.”

It’s the same quote that Morgan Freeman’s character in Se7en recites, only in the movie it’s … correct.

I don’t doubt it, I am just curious as to why you say it is favorite book.

I misquoted a line from Star Wars once. I was put in a pillory for it.

He might have been better off quoting Eye of the Beholder instead:

*Do You Fear What I Fear?
Living Properly
Truths to You Are Lies to Me

Doesn’t Matter What You See
Or into it What You Read
You Can Do it Your Own Way
If It’s Done Just How I Say*

I hope this OP is a jest.

I think Senator McCain has sold his soul to Satan, but really? Literature nerddom? Next people will be saying I should be banned for accidentally writing that Frodo was stabbed by a troll rather than an Orc.

I wonder if John McCain realises that the hero of this story was fighting on the side of the communists in the Spanish Civil War.

It’s more subtle than that, but it definitely changes the meaning. And turns a great line into merely an ok one.

Not A Farewell to Arms?

OK, here is a cite that McCain’s faviorite book is indeed For Who THe Bell Tolls .

Obama’s, by the way, is Song of Solomon by noted terrorist Toni Morrison.

No, that would be Bob Dole’s.

Okay, I’m definitely going to hell.

It’s “for WHOM the bell tolls.” Duh.

That’s it. I’m not voting for you either.

Heretic! Burn him!

You had to know that was coming, dude. :smiley: