McCain: Obama made me smear him!

Playing the victim card again. Pathetic.

That darned Obama, forcing McCain to run ads like this. I can see how declining that invitation was the equivalent of holding a loaded gun to McCain’s head and making him run a dirty campaign about everything besides the issues, can’t you?

Maybe Obama should have held him captive and tortured him, too. Apparently those are the only circumstances in which McCain can demonstrate honor and integrity.

John McCain keeps using the word “honor”. I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

Still got two months til November.
In the same interview McCain spoke about how much he respected Obama’s decision to be a community organizer. Eventually. When asked pretty much point blank what he thought of them considering the belittling of them at the RNC. And he couldn’t really say “community organizers suck”. Pious old hypocrite.

John, boogy, either you think community organizers are a nothing position, in which case you’re lying now,


You really do respect them, which means you should have addressed the no-other-word-for-it-better-than-belittling comments Palin, Giuliani [sp?] and others made at the RNC. Wouldn’t have had to stand barefoot in the snow and beg forgiveness, all it would take is a sentence on your blog. As far as it being a dirty business…* how did Obama, Biden, and Bill Clinton ALL* refer to you in their DNC speeches?

Are the Republicans really trying to run on the “We’re a bunch of whiny babies” platform this time around, or what?

The Republicans have run nasty, pandering and dishonest campaigns for decades. They often work and might work this time around.

Playing nice is a sign of weakness.

To the GOP. To the rest of us, it’s a sign of decency and maturity.

Anyone else hear Laura Bush on NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday (in the red room or some such) admitting she doesn’t know what a community organizer is.
:rolleyes: Great librarian, she is.

I don’t think she has a MLIS or a MLS so much as a MRS. degree.