McCain - Palin; Birds of a feather flock together

Why would a duplicitous pawn scum, not pick another duplicitous pawn scum.

Over the years John McCain has proven to be a liar and a cheat. What reason/s would he have for not picking someone just like him to further his aims.

Birds of a feather flock together… It’s a given.

How has he proved himself to be a liar and cheat, exaclty?

Pawn scum? That’s a new one.

How about: Pond scum?

Cheated on his first wife. Cheated on his second.

Cheated on his studies/family - always at the bottom of his class.

Cheated on the American people by much of his actions with the Keating Five.

Now, he’s the agent of Change - Outright lie to the American people. Supports a war that we are in because of a lie by the current administration - a war that is now costing us Billions per month… C H E A T I N G… C H E A T I N G…

Want me to go on?

OK that too:D

Pond Scum sounds right to me… THANKS!

So, what do you think of that McCain guy?


Republicans are now champions of mediocrity.

Mediocre is way better than pawn scum!

Anyway… Hey, since I see you’re a chess fan, here’s a helpful tip: I’ve found that, applied every year or so, a little bit of Soft Scrub will clean that pawn scum right off the board.

Lying Scum better describes McSame.

I’ll settle for a Checkmate landslide victory and a McCain banishment to a tanning booth sans clothes, sans hat, sans shades.

Actually, I’d rather use Bon Ami as it has a little less grit and doesn’t remove the shine. But, hey, to each his own. And for rook scum, I use a really big mop. :wink:

Probably just short on cash. He’s got 30 days before anyone can snag his scum.

I hate to interfere with the levity, but I’m curious…how do you feel about Bill Clinton, a serial wife-cheater?

Maybe you could work on honing your rant skills here, perhaps pitting porn scum.

Bill Clinton is not running for office now, is he. McCain is. What’s your point?:dubious:

Well, we do have some lies documented. Here’s one:


But then: