McCain's health care plan

It may be foolish to attempt a thread in GQ, but I’m really just trying to find information. A major concern of mine is the ability of one of my relatives to maintain health coverage should he lose his job. COBRA can only be applied in certain situations and for limited time. He is uninsurable on his own; private insurance companies won’t touch him due to past problems (despite pretty good health for the past 20 years–he’s got some parts missing.)

I’ve been looking over the candidates’ health plans. While rooting around on Obama’s website, I see that “No American will be turned away FROM ANY INSURANCE PLAN because
of illness or pre-existing conditions.” Whether or not that’s realistic or not is a good topic for another thread.

I found on McCain’s site,

So, McCain helped to make insurance more portable. He’s not going to make it less portable. But if you don’t have insurance, and can’t get it, does he have a plan other than, “I’ll talk about it”?

Both candidates’ plans are maddeningly vague. I read them and think, “so how exactly is that supposed to work?”, but find no answer. If I’m missing some obvious links, I’d greatly appreciate a heads-up.