McDonalds Burger video

Can someone explain to me in basic science terms the whole deal with the “Molten Copper Poured Over McDonalds Burger” video gone viral. I heard a news report saying that its all scientific and has nothing to do with the quality of the food.

So whats the science?

the molten copper heats the water still in the bun, which flashes into steam, which lets the copper just roll right off of it.

The video claims that McDonald’s food is indestructible, and thus indigestible. As proof, molten copper is poured over a burger and rolls off without damaging it, at least at first.

But it’s something that would happen with any burger: the Leidenfrost effect. Moisture in the burger is super-heated to steam in an instant, and the steam layer then insulates the burger from the additional heat.

They did it on Mythbusters. One of them put his hands in water and then brief dunked a finger into molten metal. He was fine. OMG human fingers are indestructible!!1 :rolleyes:

Awesome… Thanks all!

As additional proof of indestructability, note the way ones teeth simply deflect off the burger without so much as scratching the bun. :smack:

Snopes page. Includes said video.
Which is pretty trippy.

Now I want a Big Mac. Hold the molten copper.

McBurgers made from Cows From Krypton!

Now try dousing with molten kryptonite.

ETA: I just googled that for me! Surprise! Cows from Krypton is a real thing!

That’s odd. The burger did, indeed, burst into flames, as one (at least, as I) would expect. What do the people who spread such stuff expect the burger to do? Melt?

they don’t know. they’re just champing at the bit to blame McDonald’s for all the world’s ills, so they’ll do whatever they can to smear them.

What would be a reasonable expectation for a layman to have when confronted with a video of molten metal being poured over a hamburger? Me, I expected it to melt a hole in the top of the bun and then kind of burn outwards, like the alien blood in Alien. I certainly was not expecting it to roll off the top like water from a duck’s back.

Now, going nutso and claiming that McDonald’s burgers are ‘indestructible’ is silly, but being surprised at the contents of the video doesn’t make somebody a moron.