McDonalds Monopoly is a Conspiracy

I’ve been participating about 10 fuckin years in this promotion and have yet to win anything but a Small McFlurry… :smack:

I mean really, is this just some trick to get people into your restaurants? I want some fuckin proof there have been winners before I roll by your drive-through again. And a commercial saying “This is our $1,000,000 winner” isn’t proof of shit.

So what have you won lately?

I bet you get mad when you don’t win the lottery, too.

No… the lottery is highly regulated. I’m not worried about them cheating me.

It’s taken you ten years to figure that out?

Hahaha… :smack: again.

All right I’m calling Judge Judy

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time.

McDonalds Monopoly Conspiracy

This reminds me of a question I had: why is McDonalds the only fast food chain that does these big cash game promos? Surely BK and Wendy’s have the cover and cash to do it too if they wanted to?

Subway’s Scrabble promotion just ended but I don’t think they were offering anywhere near what McDonalds says they do. I only went once during that promotion so I have no feedback on them.

I find it simply amazing how year after year some anonymous philanthropist with a junk-food jones always ends up with Boardwalk, then donates it to some charity. :rolleyes:

Weakest promotion ever! Yet it works like a charm every time! Check out “wanted” on Craiglist. Everybody wants to trade you an extra Park Place for your extra Boardwalk. :smiley:

P.T. Barnum was right on the money.

You must be double fucked. I keep winning cokes and burgers and fries to keep me playing.

10 years?
[hijack] I have some swampland in Florida… [/hijack]

Really? Does that happen?

I would have thought that there would be some legal requirement for the company to prove that the competition was genuine.

It’s all worth it when they sell the McRib sangwich 4 weeks every year.
MMMMMMMMM…McRib sangwiches…
NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM ad infinitum

They do it every year for about a month. During this promotion I have to force myself to eat BigMac’s, Large Fries, HashBrowns, and Large Soda’s… since those are the only items with game pieces.

Wait, what are they trying to do, make everyone fat?

I played a lot a few years ago and came away with almost as much as free food as food I bought. Never won a real prize though.

What? You haven’t found Boardwalk yet? I’ll fly over in my private jet to give you my extra.


Then what you find out later is she was a manager working with the company 30 years paid to do the skit.

How come I’m not hearing stories of these people winning all these “daily” $100,000 prizes, and so on…

They stage this crap and the vast majority come flocking into their stores. I want proof. I want a video with some college kids throwing around a wad of hundreds praising McDonalds. You know, something like that.

I want to know why you are eating at Mickey D’s when ( in my opinion) there are always much better choices?

ETA- I did eat lunch at McDonalds yesterday. Had no better choice at the time.

I eat EVERYWHERE. I’ve been to nearly every restaurant on the island. McD’s is at the bottom of my hill (or I can go to Booger King a little more down the road) so it’s quick and cheap. I’m not very picky. And I always have a chance to win $1,000,000. And by “$1,000,000” I mean “Small McFlurry”…

Wow, it’s been a few years since I’ve eaten at McDonalds. What’s the Monopoly game like? I have nostalgic memories from childhood (seventies and eighties or so), with fold-out boards, game pieces with adhesive on them to stick on the board, big piles of gold coins as prizes…

Might be worth a trip.