McDonalds using diseased cattle for hamburgers?

Someone I talked to says that McDonalds is using meat from diseased cows because it is the cheapest meat available. Is this true?

This is not the first time that story has come up, skawa. It gets around a lot.
The general feeling seems to be 1)McDonald’s is a huge corporation. If diseased cattle were used in their meats they could not hide it. 2)If Burger King or any other competitor could get their hands on the smallest piece of hard evidence that it’s true, it wouldn’t be a whisper campaign.

Doug’s got it right, skawa. It wouldn’t be worth it to McDonalds to compromise their reputation for the slight savings they would get from buying substandard meat.
You would be more likely to find that kind of stuff in your local grocery store.

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I read somewhere, Newsweek I think, that the farmers in Brasil were clearing the rainforest to prepare fields to raise cattle, wich is then sold to McDonalds. As PapaBear once wrote, “one billion sold” (hamburgers) where does the meat come from?
From Brasil?
Is this true?

Here are a couple of responses, submitted with beef tongue in cheek:

  1. Yes, all McDonalds beef comes from deceased cows.

  2. Yes, McDonalds beef comes exclusively from diseased cows. They all died of lead poisoning.

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