I’ve heard some people claim that McDonalds cheeseburgers and quater pounders only have gherkins (pickles) on them because otherwise they would be classified as candy. Whenever I say this sounds like an urban legend they swear it’s true. Can anyone tell me the truth about this? It would also help if there were some evidence I could show these people.


PS I’m talking about Australian McDonalds, I don’t know if they serve the same food in other countries.

Candy with catsup, mustard and onions. Yum, yum. :confused:

Aren’t hamburgers considered candy in Australia?

No, just kidding. Anyway, if you have to combat urban legends routinely, it’s good to know about a very well-researched site On this Snopes page about McDonald’s hamburgers it says they’re nothing but beef. Their source is a 1978 Newsweek.

Aw, come on, think about this for a minute, Jockstrap. How could a hamburger (meat, bun) possibly be classed as “candy”?

Not only is it an UL–it isn’t even a very good one. :rolleyes:

Here’s the list of ingredients for McDonalds sandwiches.

And you can download the official McD’s ingredients list, in PDF format.

Wow, two Weird ULs about McDonalds in one day! (See the other thread running on McDs at the moment).

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why would they be classified as candy? By whom and for what purposes? It’s not as if the Government (or anybody else) goes around classifying foodstuffs all over the place

*Since when is the word “candy” used in Australia anyway? Australians say lolly, sweet or confectionery.

  • What would there be about a Cheeseburger that would make it a confectionery without a pickle?

Then apply a bit of commonsense.

Then ask yourself if the people that have been telling you this also line their hats with tinfoil to keep out the mind-reading rays.