mcduck vs gates?

I cannot believe the staff isn’t able to determine that I am richer than that young upstart, Bill Gates. After all, my money bin holds three cubic acres of money! You could take his entire fortune and it wouldn’t add up to the change on my dresser.

A while back, Flintheart Glomgold of South Africa tried to prove he was richer than me (see “The World’s Second Richest Duck” by Carl Barks). Donald, the boys (Huey, Dewey and Louie) and I went to South Africa and proved I was the richest.

Besides, this Gates fellow never swims in his money, like I do. So, I ask him, what’s the point?

Link to Staff Report: Who’s richer, Bill Gates or Scrooge McDuck? – CKDH

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Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t your money measured in gazillions while Billy boy only has a few billion bucks?

— G. Raven

We debated this a few months back, and I was able to demonstrate (using one of the few times the actual dollar amount of McDuck’s was stated in numerical terms – rather than “gazillions” or “fantasticatillions”) that McDuck was significantly wealthier than Gates. Check the archives.

Here it is:

Well, the African show-down with Flinthart Glomgold only proved that you were the world’s richest DUCK, Scrooge… One also recollects that ol’ Flinty later came to Duckburg for a show-down and lost again.

However, all that was long before Bill Gates was even vaguely a contender. So, merely defeating Flinthard Glomgold is not, by itself, proof that you have more wealth than Bill Gates.

Why do you say the Staff Report wasn’t able to determine that you were richer? I thought we did so.

I understand that, following our report, Mr Gates filled a swiming pool with gold coins and dived in, to try to swim in it as you do… only to knock himself unconscious when his head hit what seemed like a solid wall of money. McDuck’s comment, upon learning of this: “Well, I admit, there’s a trick to it.”

It is worth noting, with great sadness, that Carl Barks died this last year. He brought joy to many thousands of readers, and his art stands as the best of what comicbook art can be.