McDummy Rant

You people do realize that the pan is an endangered species, don’t you? This unholy glee being displayed at the devastation and decimation of the Great Pan Plains merely so you can make cakes out of the poor creature is disgusting.

I personally know someone who works for McD’s. The pancakes are delivered frozen. They are thawed in the refrigerator, and then microwaved to order. It wouldn’t be possible to grill pancakes at this McD. They have 2 grills. At breakfast, one is dedicated for eggs only, and the other is used for the sausage, bacon and steak. Just too busy at breakfast to gill pancakes.

Well, they used to! :::pouts:::


I’m with you, nothing pre-made when I worked there! (short six years ago) Don’t ask how the eggs are made now. Yep, liquid egg from a carton!

That said, the menu variety now is indeed a lot more diverse than when I was there.

(bolding mine)

Actually, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t a coincidence. High-fat foods are a terrible trigger for gall bladder attacks (and those bagels are super delicious, but they’re also really greasy–dammit, now I want one!). One of the worst attacks I ever had, I got after eating Dairy Queen chicken strips (I ended up vomiting from that attack). And like you, I’ve not been able to eat those things since that horrible day.

I am sure it was NOT a coincidence. Most of McDonald’s non-salad menu is a gallbladder attack on a bun.



I have bad news regarding the breakfast burrito…it is NOT standardized across McDonald-dom. Once while I was driving across Iowa, I stopped for a burrito, and it was a foul experience indeed. It was loosely-rolled, had hash browns inside the burrito, and wasn’t even tucked at the end. A bad experience. I had a nearly identical experience in Ohio.

I am the world’s #2 burrito fan. I could go for one now. Also (off-topic), I love the pumpkin pies they have this time of year.


The lady at the dry cleaners did something similar to me. I went in there with a skirt that needed to be taken up a couple inches (I’m short, so I do this pretty often). I said, “I need this taken up two inches” and she said, “No you don’t.” “Yes I do” “No you don’t” and so on…she thought since the style of the day was longer skirts I was making a huge fashion mistake.

I now go to the other dry cleaners. They don’t argue with me.

Bleh…I’m on a campaign against the steak there. IMHO its the worst breakfast sandwich on the list and yet it occupies the prized #1 slot on the combo menu instead of the sausage, egg, and cheese bagel which rightfully deserves the spot. Its anarchy!

Pancakes have gills?

Only the ones that aren’t well-done.

That’s McGall McBladder, missy.

:dubious: I did not know that. It explains the eerie sameness of every McD’s hotcake, though.