MCI buses

I know MCI is a long distance provider.
I remember seeing buses that had MCI on them and I’ve wondered if they were made by the same company. Are they? What’s different about the other MCI (other than they make buses)?

Motor Coach Incorporated (or maybe
Motor Coach International). Now, Bus Driving Experts, how come my bus driver can’t seem to find the control that delivers HEAT to the passenger section of the bus? 59 degrees Fahrenheit is not a comfortable temperature for a 40-minute bus ride.

Ah, MCI buses. Past couple of years I’ve spent a couple of months a year living on a 1980 MCI bus for a youth organization (or my stint as a rockstar, whichever you think is cooler), so I feel strangely homesick whenever I see one.

Since my experience deals with 20-year old buses, AuntPam, I guess I can’t really answer anything about the heat. During the summer, I’m just glad for the AC. With the AC, it’s merely uncomfortable. Without it, the bus is a big metal box of slow, sticky death.

I remember stumbling across some websites, either of MCI or of someone obsessed with restoring old MCI buses. If I find them again, I’ll post the links here.