MCSE certification questions

A friend of mine wants to become certified in Microsoft (it’s required for his job I guess). He asked me what he should do. I pointed out to him that MY MCSE cert was for NT 4…which was a while ago.

So…I thought I’d ask a few questions here. First off, should he go for his 2003 MCSE or go straight for the newer 2008 cert (I assume there is a new path for their new products)? Does anyone have a list of tests he’d need to take for either path?

Next…should he invest the money in classroom or online training (and if so, what are the best places to go?), or should he go for one of those ‘here are all the answers to all the questions’ web sites and just memorize? My advices to him was that he should look into training, as he’d actually get something beside the cert out of it…but what do ya’ll think?


He should buy the books, look at MS’s training website, and formulate a training plan e.g. MCDST -> MCSA -> MCSE.