"Me an X" vs. "X and I": is the latter doomed?

Sorry, meant trebuchet

“I and Bobby McGee” sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it?

In context, the lyric is “Good enough for me and Bobby McGee”.

“Me and X” is something people have been saying for a really, really long time, but the “X and I” construction remains the one considered proper. I don’t see why that would change now.

I think it’s the other way around. I hear people saying “X and I” even when “X and me is correct.” It’s hypercorrection.

“I and that Bobby guy”

From the Beatles’ Anna

Anna, you come and ask me, girl,
To set you free, girl.
You say he loves you more than me,
So I will set you free.
Go with him.

Does it mean “you say he loves you more than [he loves] me” or “you say he loves you more than [I love you]”? Does anyone actually get confused about this love triangle, or do we all understand the context and figure it out?

Me loves Anna a lot, isn’t that obvious? Me love her long-time.

I see/hear it that way much more frequently also. But the thing that really makes me cringe is to hear “Someone and I’s thingy”, like “Joe and I’s anniversary”. Ugh!