Me and a friend want to sell gourmet plants as a side hustle

Where do we start?

I see people with pretty flowers and other pretty plants everywhere! Me and a friend figured if we can find some cheap or even free stashes somewhere, we can make a fortune!

Our first idea is to simply dig up nice flowers that doesn’t belong to anyone. Like those pretty daisies you see on the side of the highway.

I know we can’t just snip em. It would kill the precious vessels. How far down should we dig to get all of the roots, so we can transplant (har har) to our soil? Speaking of soil, is there a special soil we need to keep em healthy?

This sounds like an excellent idea for a “side hustle”!

I hear there’s a huge market for dandelions.

Make sure the soil has sufficient quantities of salt in it. All living, growing things require salt, and often don’t get enough. That’s why you hear lots of references from ancient days talking about sowing fields with it.

Yes, we used to love it when people would “harvest” the “free” asparagus growing in our yard near the road. Because that land next to the road doesn’t belong to anyone, just as you say!

Most government buildings have nice looking flowers growing out front. And since it’s public property you are free to take them and resell them. But to be a responsible citizen, you would want to plant some marijuana seeds in the holes you leave behind.

Sounds like you’re an expert already - I’d just get out there and start digging.

If the plants prove too much of a hassle, maybe you could figure a way to clone mosquitos.

I’m subscribing to this. Oh yes.

Honey, I don’t think you want to be asking how to steal plants so that you can sell them.