Me and my manky eye

I didn’t look in a mirror before I left this morning. A couple of people commented on my red eye, but I just put it down to an allergy.

Then I got to the factory and they got really interested, so I found and mirror and saw this:

That’s not normal, so called the doc. They were too busy today to fit me today, but passed me to a nurse who played 20 questions (to which I answered no to all) and said it was most likely xxxx (big long medical term). “Huh” I go; “Probably a very small blood vessel has burst” came back the translation, “keep an eye on it and if it changes for the worst get immediate attention”.

So what’s the moral? Look in a mirror at least once a day? Listen more closely when strangers comment about some possibly alarming condition? All of the above?

Anyway, I forgot to ask what could be the possible causes of this; any suggestions? I answered no to the questions about blood pressure (70/120 a couple of weeks ago which the nurse looked up and confirmed), injuries and pain/itching.

Bonus question: Why won’t the buttons for smilies and inserting links work?