me, Excel 2000, budgeting and the pseudo organizing of funds

ok, so i’ve decided to start “budgeting”. i also wanted to use the word pseudo cuz it makes me sound all learn-ed and stuff, but anyhoo…
can anyone recommend a FREE excel spreadsheet for personal finances? or even anything free relating to organizing my finances and making me feel like i’m doing something?

thank you


Do you use a recent version of Windows? My computer came with Microsoft Money on it which is probably a bit better suited for budgeting and money matters than Excel simply because of its narrower focus.


Yep, Money or Quicken are much better than just plain Excel.

nope. i’m using windows 2000

i went to microsoft to look for some templates. i found a perfect one, but it was for excel 2003.


i’m guessing there are no free versions of these programs…