Me go now.

I’ve been away for a while because of exams, work and a business trip. I’ll be leaving in a few days to relax with a drinking-tour of a couple post-soviet republics.

Instead of my usual pilgrimmage to Poland I’ll be going to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and maybe the Ukraine. I figured it’s not real tourism if you speak the local language. Of course I will have to sample the local liquor in each city or it wouldn’t be real tourism either.

Anyone want a postcard from the Baltics? My email while I’m away is That’s konrad with a zero instead of an o.

I assume the board will not turn into chaotic melee of death, destruction and non-sequential doorknobs because of my absence and that discussion will proceed with the usual restraint and good taste.

I’d love a Baltic postcard!!! I’d return the favor if I were going anywhere exotic. Would a Seattle postcard do the trick? I’ll be there in September. ??

Lucky you. Have a good time, and let’s have a report when you return, okay?

(Remember not to refer to Ukraine as the Ukraine while you’re their. “The” Ukraine implies (to them) that it is “The Ukrainian region” of Russia or USSR. They perceive their country as “Ukraine” with no limiting article.)

Assume nothing, you know we like nothing better than a challenge! Have a great time!

Hey Konrad! Yeah, I’d love to add a Doper post card from The East to my collection. I’ll e-mail you my particulars.

I hope your travels are bountiful and safe.


You need not send me a postcard - you’ll have enough as it is before this thread’s done - but I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been to Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Poland. Estonia seems to be recovering quite nicely from the USSR. Since I was on a cruise ship, I was bussed with my family everywhere on that particular trip. When we arrived in Tallin, they took us to the mall. Really. I guess that’s where the Estonian government decided they could best show themselves off to tourists. Everything looked very nice, as nice as any American mall, and the prices as I remember it seemed reasonable. So capitalism’s working somewhere, at least.

Oh, and about those other countries. I guess they’re nice too. :slight_smile:

Latvia huh? Look out for SaxFace’s family, I hear they have a way of convincing furriners that drinking Windex is a good thing. :wink:

tomndeb sez:

Actually Ukrainian doesn’t have any words for “a” or “the”. The reason it is called “the Ukraine” is because Ukraine means “the borderlands” or literally “out in the country” because it was one of the most “wild” areas of Europe. So it does refer to a region which also happens to be mostly covered by a single country. Not that any really refers to any region outside of the country of Ukraine as “the Ukraine” anymore.

It also meant the borderlands of the Polish commonwealth as much as the Russian one BTW.