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So how did the expression come about.

Why “sucks”

Because “blows” just doesn’t work? Oh, wait.

My initial reaction is that it is a sexual reference. A quick Google provides some back-up for this:

I don’t, however, have any information as to the reliability of Mr. Davies’ website on this.

I used to hear “sucks shit” before I started hearing “sucks”. It’s always been a surprise that this seems to have become acceptable, but I sure wouldn’t use it in polite company.

I have heard that the term “Sucks” originated among Soldiers in WW2. A chest wound that “Sucked” when a person inhaled was very bad, as it meant that the person’s lung cavity had been pierced, and they were likely to die. The original term was “sucks wind”, IE: " This stew sucks wind!"

I don’t know if that relates or grew into to the sexual term, however.


There may not be a definitive answer, but this article has some good speculations.

Much more recently the Motto was “A sucking chest wound is natures way of telling you that you’re going to die”,a doctor informed me recently that its not necessarily true but I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for the proof of it myself.

Regardless of its origin, certainly when I was in high school in the 1960s in the Bronx the term was generally understood to refer to fellatio, most usually as the insult “You suck!” and less often extended to situations (“it sucks”). It most definitely was not a term to be used in mixed company, being regarded as obscene. It still sometimes gives me pause when I hear the phrase being bandied about by preteens.

According to wikipedia, both ‘sucks’ and ‘blows’ orignially referred to dick.

They became acceptable over time. This is known as the Dysphemism Treadmill.

Although trying to hold your breath with a sucking chest wound might be an entertaining way of passing those last few moments before death.

“Sucks ass” is common, too, but I’m a little vague on it’s meaning.

I’ve heard they have field thoracocentesis kits now. I’d rather get shot in the lung then in the face, groin or the heart. Then again I’d rather not get shot.

Or on the TeeVee.