"Meadowlands" - new Showtime series debut 6/17/07

Actually caught this a couple of days early on On Demand. Anyone else watching?

Seems like a decent little chunk of weirdness. I called the Witness Protection business early but that looks not to be the whole story behind the new identities.

I could’ve lived without the old lady diddling scene, I think.

Not sure if the “psychic twins” bit menas they’re going full-on supernatural for the show or not. Kinda hoping not.

In all I can see some potential to measure up to other oddball series set in small towns, like The Prisoner or Twin Peaks.

No one?

One episode was enough for me. It’s not going into my viewing rotation. I don’t mind quirky if it feels organic to the story, but this was so purposefully quirky it really distracted me.