Meaning of proverb "Cobwebs Are Always Found In Dirty Corners"

While visiting Bastrop State Park in Texas, I came across this saying and I am not sure what it means- “Cobwebs are always found in dirty corners.” The proverb was engraved in 5 inch letters and stretched across the entire fireplace mantle as if it was something very important. The script looked vauguely Germanic and the cabin was built in the 1930’s as part of a WPA project. The town was founded by Germans, Spanish speaking people, as well as Texas settlers from the east so the saying could have come from anywhere. Has anyone ever heard this proverb? What does it mean? Thanks in advance.

Cobwebs, frequently spun in corners as it gives the spinner more places to attach, collect a lot of dust. The longer they remain in place, the more dust collects on the sticky web, and then on the fibrous dust particles. Remove the web from the corner, and the dust that would eventually collect there, and be far more noticeable, settles to the ground or floor, there to join and breed and make dust bunnies[same principle applies] In other words, get a frickin’ broom and do some housecleaning, ya’ slob.

Where do I put my 2cents?

A good housekeeper would never allow spiderwebs to proliferate, only a poor housekeeper would.
So the proverb is probably a metaphor for the idea that bad/unfortunate/evil things are always found around a bad/unfortuante/evil person. No smoke without fire, so to speak.