Meaning of symbol? (Pic in thread)

I was given a purse that has some symbols on it: peace sign, yin-yang, etc. (Yes, it’s very hippie.)

But there’s a prominent symbol on one side that I vaguely recognize as a letter (word?) in a foreign-to-me language.

I’d like to know what it means - can any of y’all help? I don’t want to inadvertently offend, and I prefer to be less ignorant in general.

I recognize that as the OM or aum symbol in yoga practice.

“Om” symbol. (Got the answer using Google Lens on the photo.)

It’s a ligature (O+M ), not really an individual letter per se


There is nothing to be offended here.

The whole concept of symbols is Western. Like since Christians have the Cross sign, they went looking for signs in other religions that maybe equivalent of the cross sign. Signs are not inherent to many religions

The Om symbol is just one of the symbols, in fact it is not even such a widely used symbol in Hinduism. The swastika is much more widely used symbol in Hinduism. But since the western Nazis has spoiled the peaceful meaning attached to the Swastika, our Western friends have decided that Om is the proper symbol for Hinduism. So be it.


Yes, I have a photo I took of a small swastika chiseled into a step leading to the Potala Palace.