Meat from the back of a Truck

Every few months, a strange person comes up to my door trying to sell me beef and seafood from the back of his pick-up. It’s always a different guy.

I think this is pretty strange. For some reason, I don’t think buying meat from the back of a pick-up is a very good idea. I mean, where did he get it from ? Did he shoot something ? Knock over the grocery store ? Tip a cow over too far ?

Would you buy meat from the back of a truck ?

You know, I get that, too. Guy comes knocking on my door, saying he has extra meat left from his deliveries and can sell it to me cheap.

The truck has no company markings of any kind.

There is NO way I’d buy meat from the back of some stranger’s truck.


Local tv news (Cleveland) had a story a few days ago about a “basement butcher” who was selling steaks and seafood from the back of his (unrefrigerated) truck. Lab tests indicated that much of the meat was rife with listeria.

The scary part was the guy’s statement that he sold a lot of his inventory to local restaurants.

I wonder about this every summer.

Usually on Friday and Saturday afternoons there will be a pick-up truck full of ice and shrimp parked in a small lot along a fairly busy road a few miles from my house. They advertise “Fresh Maine Shrimp” for a seemingly decent price. Now this lot is a minimum of 3+ hours away from the Maine border. Are they really driving a pick-up truck full of fresh shrimp down every day?

road kill rodeo!

i wouldn’t even buy meat outta the back of a truck from a “legit” business, like schwanns (amway of the food world).

here is a typical sales pitch, translated into plain english: “Please purchase these frozen, shrink-wrapped inferior cuts of horsemeat at prices that would make the local butcher wet his pant with laughter and then wait 3-7 days for delivery. Thank You!”

This actually happened to be a week ago. Bell rings, I go to the door, there’s a guy there saying they just made a delivery to one of our neighbors (but doesn’t say who), hands me a flyer but with no prices, etc. The odd thing was that his partner had backed the truck all the way down the driveway. It was completely up to my open garage door. Alarm signals go off in my head and I go check out my garage for missing stuff while they high tail it.

Think about it, if I wasn’t home and the garage door was open (like yesterday when my kid forgot to close it). Neighbors see a delivery truck backed up to the door, boxes going in and out. They have no idea if the ingoing boxes are empty and the outgoing ones full.

I assume that it is both a scam (bad meat/bad prices) and a casing operation for burglars.

This is similar to the guys who sell “high end” speakers out of vans in various cities – meaning it’s legit, but customers think they’re getting a great deal since they assume it to be shady. One of my brother’s friends did this thing with selling meat: the meat’s legit (i.e., better than anything you’ll find in the meat section of your grocery store), for which people will pay much more than it’s worth.

The potential for food poisoning always put me off of the idea though, but my brother’s friend managed to make some decent money from his work.

Beef from a truck? Ick!


I don’t know about now, but it used to be that a lot of people sold shrimp by the roadside in Texas. They’d get it from the processors (middlemen, whatever they’re called) in the morning, ice it down, and drive to the cities to sell it. A brother in law did this around Houston in the Eighties. He didn’t make much money, but we ate fresh BIG shrimp (four to six of them to the pound) at least once a week! :slight_smile: