ok this is going to sound odd. But my question is has anyone gotten to the point after being meat lovers for years, that they actually get sick and nausiated off even the smell of it after awhile? I cant eat it anymore at all expecially hamburger or any beef product. I tolerate chicken but thats about it! and I was just curious to know if anyone else has this problem.

Me?? an asshole?? You better believe it!

Heather Lee

I don’t like the smell of some cold meats (I’m talking about already cooked stuff). For instance, my kids like Campbell’s chicken soup, but I can hardly stand to open the cans.

Once it’s warm it smells fine to me.

Bacon, hot or cold, smells rancid to me. Sausage doesn’t. Don’t have any idea why. Also, I don’t really like the smell of raw or very rare beef.

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When I saw the poster and the subject, I thought maybe something else about me was being shared… WHEW :slight_smile:

I’m a total carniviore but tastes change about anything over time - Why not meat?

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The inside of a butcher shop smells awful to me. Cooked meat,however,bacon(yum) smells great.It IS dead animals,you know. Can’t expect it to smell like flowers.