Mechanic Dopers, what can I do with the engine of my 1996 ford taurus lx?

No one seems to know the answer to this, the car is totalled but the engine is still fine. I was looking for another body to see if it could fit into, but I am not having much luck, IS there a place that just has 96 taurus bodies hanging out? can it fit in another car? I have talked to every mechanic in my small town, and they don’t have a clue(which makes me want to take my new car to another town to be worked on)

For finding a body, watch the want ads for a car with a poor engine. Occasionally a salvage yard might have one, but usually they’d rather sell it in pieces than as a whole.

I would expect the engine would fit most or all Tauruses that had the same engine, and maybe some other Ford models as well. For interchange information, check with a salvage yard.

You are in for a long, hard search. Usually if the engine goes Tits-up and the car is half-way nice, the owner will fix the engine. When cars get wrecked, like yours, if the engine is still good, it gets sold to someone with a nice car and bad engine. In other words, the supply of engines is greater than the supply of decent bodies to put them in. You are on the wrong side of the “supply/demand” equation. I’m guessing if you found a car for sale with a bad engine, it will be in fairly ratty condition.

Depending on book value of the car, you may get lucky and find a nice one in not running condition that the owner is not interested in messing with that you can steal.

Dealers of all sorts accept trade ins with mechanical woes all the time. Most of the time they dump them at auctions, many times only getting a few hundred dollars for them. Call around and you may find a dealer that just took a trade in and would be willing to part with it rather that haul it to an auction. The engine in your Taurus will work with the 92 to 98 Taurus/Sable line. With slight modifications, it will also work in the 88 to 91 Taurus cars with the 3.0 liter engine. Be careful of any cars that have been written off by an insurance company, you could have a perfectly good car with a salvage title. A car like that is difficult to insure even if it has never been wrecked.

thanks for all the replies:D
There just so happens to be an auction here that has a 1996 ford taurus, with an engine that has 156,000 miles on it, and a little body damage. my engine only has 36,000 miles on it, i only drove it for a year before it was completely totalled by a drunk driver, In fact the car would still turn on :eek:

I’m surprised you still have the car. Doesn’t the insurance company normally take it after they pay off the claim?

Thats a real funny story that you might be able to find in the pit somewhere if you look under “deadly nightlight” and “drunkdriver”
followed closely by “stupid ex husband” somewhere in there should cover that whole mess.