Mechanics of current suicide bombing wave

How are the suicide bombers still getting into supermarkets, buses and markets in Israel? I understand they wear a belt or vest full of explosives under their clothes.

But how does a boy or girl from Jenin end up strapped down with explosives and
Riding the commuter number 6 in Haifa?

Do they smuggle the explosives across the border or are they made/assembled in Israel? How does that work …

How does the suicide bomber get from the West Bank to their target in Israel proper?

The suicide bomber on Friday was not riding the bus. She initially attempted to get into the market proper, but after being refused admittance by alert guards, she set it off at the bus stop.

The question that I’ve had is if the guards were suspicious enough to prevent her from entering the market, why did they not have someone search her or have her detained for searching and questioning, and what made them suspicious but not make them suspicious enough to do that?

These belts are worn under the clothing and it is easy for one to get into Israel with them. They disguise themselves as Israelis. I believe there is free access from the West Bank to Israel as the West Bank is occupied. But if not, any border inspection would be cursory, but I’m not sure on this point.

>> why did they not have someone search her

  • Ok, you do the searching

  • No, really you do it.

  • No, come on, really, go ahead.

  • Sorry, I’m giggling so hard I can’t do it…

  • It is my pleasure to let you do it, really, take your time

  • Etc.

Come on. They could have detained her and had a female search her.


or rather, BOOM!

Does anyone know if the above is correct?

If so, it goes a long way toward answering my GQ.

If not, note barbitu8’s hedging s/he’s saying “not sure” , so play nice …

there is some slightly old (2000) discussion of Isreal security, including border crossings at (download PDF)

The paper notes that the security is very good, which makes car bombing impossible, accounting for the need for suicide bombers

Many tens of thousands of palestinians work (or used to) in Israel, traveling from the occupied territories. They are all individually stopped and checked, but of course searching thousands of people and cars is not foolproof.

One interesting point mentioned is that the Israelis have been very worried about suicide planes for many years.

Another document showing the on-off nature of the border closures from June 2001 (from the palestinian authorities)