Mechanisms in books you usually hate- but there was this one time...

Inspired by this thread, especially this post (slightly snipped for brevity):

There are some plot devices that are pretty easy to do well, as long as you’re not terrible. And then there are some plot devices that should only be touched, if ever, by a really good writer.

So, what are some mechanism that usually ruin the book for you, but occasionally someone does them very well? (And tell us the name of the gifted author who did so).

**Posting from the view of a dead person. **

The only time I’ve ever tolerated this was in in The Poisonwood Bible, and only because it was minimal.

Alice Sebold does it well enough in The Lovely Bones, I guess, what with it being a best-seller and all.

I don’t remember anyone posting from the view of a dead person in The Poisonwood Bible, but I believe you. Who was the dead person?