Mechwarrior online

Usually there are a couple folks around who have a decent pulse on new games,so I was wondering if anybody knows about Mechwarrior.

I have always thought it sounds like a great format for a game. Some times you just have a need to blow stuff up. It sounds like it is getting closer to release then I figured, and that has me a bit wary, When things pass under the radar it’s often because they just aren’t worthy of notice.

Anybody got the scoop?

Mechwarrior Online!

Who do I send my money to!?

I used to love that franchise and have been amazed at the lack of attention in the last decade or more for this franchise. No idea why. Seems like easy money to anyone who produces more of them.

That said the devil is in the details…giant, heavily armored, massively weaponed, city stomping mechs has fun written all over it but like anything it can be done poorly.

Do you have a link to what you are talking about?
It sounds like founder/open beta stuff may start aug 7, which is much sooner than I had expected.
Unfortunately I know nothing that is not on that site :wink:

I think it might be because the intellectual property rights to Battletech (the board & video games) got sold a couple times, and financial interest seems to have petered out a little. (The paperback fiction is still going, I think.)

Looking at the wiki page, FASA had fights with other companys over copywrited images.

This and Hawken are some of my most anticipated PC exclusives of the year.

I know more about Hawken than Mech warrior online though. Here’s a short preview on PC gamer:

Latest developer diary:

Ahhh yes like the X-Box mechwarrior game that gave out powerups you can pick up off the floor :rolleyes: :eek:

But as long as it doesn’t have powerups, this might be an online multiplayer game I can get into.

I need to hold off another couple weeks before I buy, but I will be in. I have been a fan of battletech since like 1986…wouldnt miss it for the world.

Careful, if you wait too long, you might miss out on getting a founder’s mech! :wink:

A few years ago I played the hell out of Mechwarrior 3, got to where I could finish the game in a 50 ton Mech easily. Online sounds like a challenge! (Got 4 for Christmas, but was never able to get the software to work).

Neat, my buddy Nick Smith is on the wikipedia page for owning the rights to VWE’s Battletech centers.

If anyone is near Kalamazoo, MI, I highly recommended going and playing these in his cockpit pods. Nothing more fun than you and 15 of your friends getting together and blowing each other up in enclosed cockpits. Makes you feel like you are really driving a Mech.

Sorry, double post.

All founders now get immediate closed beta access.

I am downloading right now as we speak.

Last one in gets a PPC to the head!!

gahh! I forgot about this, spent game budget on steam summer sale.

I almost downloaded this, but the FAQ states that you will not be able to customize your mech’s weapons and will only have access to 4 basic mechs. I wonder if that is how they will monetize this.

You can most surely customize your mech weapons, I’ve just removed a ML from my catapult to put more LRM ammo.

There are 4 basic “trial mechs” you can use for free that are not customizable.

You get in game money for fighting in those, mechs purchased with those C-bills are customizable.

My only grouse is that weapon hardpoints are style specific. If you have room or tonnage you can replace a laser with a different laser, but not an AC or missle launcher. Same thing the other way around, no replacing the missle launcher with a laser array. So if you wanted to try and make a specialized mech you most likely cannot at least at this point.

Otherwise you get things like the old Solaris mech with 16 machine guns.

Granted, takes a while to sand off all the armor, but they crit the hell out of things once armor breaches.

Watched the newest Atlas trailer and it looked pretty good. If there’s no NDA, can you give us your impressions of the game drachillix?

Crap I lurve me some MechWarrior. Cant’ wait for it to get all freebie. use to enjoy playing MechWarrior 3 in a Wolf. Just 55 tons but very tough.