Medal of Honor 2 Commercial Music

What exactly is that orchestral piece that plays in the background of the recent PS2 commercials for Medal of Honor? I know that I’ve heard it before but can’t place it for the life of me.

Is this what you mean?

Actually, no. This piece has a choral element similar to ‘O Fortuna’ and is used in the commercials for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I’m not sure if it was composed just for the games or whether it is an existing piece.

If I’m thinking of the same commercial, I beleive the song is “Charging Fort Wagner” from theGlory soundtrack. A truly magnificent piece.


If it’s the same tune I’m thinking of, the song is “Charging Fort Wagner”. You can find it on the Glory soundtrack.

The music for Medal of Honour may have been specially composed; I have the PS2 version and there’s a ‘making of’ section that includes film footage of the choir in a recording studio.

Arrrrrrghh. Yup, it’s “Charging Fort Wagner”. It’s also used on Iron Chef, now I feel like a dummy.