Media Catalogue Software

I embrace all things digital. I have the home network attached storage device with somewhere around 4 TB of various digital files. But I’d like to find a better way of browsing through it all. Sure I can scroll through the video files on the Western Digital TV, or all the music files in Itunes, but it’s the books that are really giving me issues. I’d like something that I can use to create an index of all the physical and ebooks I have. Something that lets me tag them for multiple search criteria. It would be great if this could be a system that I can also use for the video and audio files I have. I could make an Access database fairly easily, I’m more than passingly familiar with that, however that just seems like a pain. Building the database scheme is easy, populating it will suck, and converting to other database formats in the coming years would suck even more. Then I considered HTML. That would give me the flexability to list everything in multiple ways, but it’s very time consuming to do it all by hand, it’s a static list, and while I can organize different pages to include different categories, I can’t really tag the media files themselves. So, anyone have any other ideas that I haven’t thought of?