Media icons generate culture!

How much culture do you generate?

Well, I’ve got a mold colony in my armpit that’s coming along nicely.

Umm… did you have any particular method in mind for measuring culture generation? If not, I’ll have to shrug and say “somewhere between ‘some’ and ‘not much’.”

I generate 3.2 MegaHiltons in an average day.

Dear God! That’s enough to power at least five reality series and a summer replacement mini-series! If only we could harness that power for good!

Personally, I figure I’m capable of generating at least a KiloJLo over the course of my lifetime, at least once I’m able to start dating with more frequency. Unfortunately, my bosses have switched me to producing shields.

Hopefully, I’m making the same reference that the OP intends. Civilization, right?