Medical expenses

Twice in the past couple of months I’ve run across the assertion that “Sixty [or 75] percent of the total cost of medical care in the US is expended on white males in the final two [or four] months of their lives.”

This seemed a trifle implausible to me, and this impression was enhanced by the fact that neither of the women asserting this could mention a checkable source for this info. But I’ve been unable to come up with much that would confirm or deny the statement. So I ask:

Has anyone else heard this?

Is it true? False? Where is it discussed with authority?

Are there any reliable internet sources that break down U.S. medical expenses by age/sex/ethnicity/disease/region/etc.?


These are the best numbers I could find, that actually had some solid data behind them. What do they add up to? The last year of life costs 5 times more than the previous years average per year. So maybe there’s something to it. Tho I don’t know where the “white male” part comes in.

Thanks, QtM.

The statement that last–year–of–life expenses were 22% of all medical expenses seems to directly contradict the view that last-4-months-of-life expenses for white males were 60% of all medical expenses.