Medical Question #2 - Botox

Can someone tell me what the side effects of Botox injections might be? I ask becouse my mother recently received some injections into her left leg for muscle spasms, and now she is having pains in her neck - she thinks that the botox may have been too effective and that it is slowing down her entire left side. Is this possible?

Aside to Mods - I know not to depend on medical advice from this board. I am home from school today so that I can drive her to the doctor in a short while, so she will be seeing a doctor later today. However, her doctor was unable to answer the question above.

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Great article on Botox injections in the October Issue of Men’s Health (

Some possible side-effects (usually worse if the doctor isn’t particularly skilled, or doesn’t know his patient well):

  • bruising at the site
  • headaches
  • “droop” of injected muscles, due to overdose or bad aim with the needle
  • “tight” plastic look - result of overdose

What Botox does cosmetically is paralyze the muscles and make the areas around them seem to plump – removing wrinkles. For other uses, yes, from what I’ve read it seems quite possible that the injections can cause a pretty wide-spread effect. Botox can “travel” after injections if precautions aren’t taken, and an overinjection can have some serious consequences.

Of course, since you’re taking her in to the doctor … he should be able to tell you more.