Medical Question not looking for advice perse

On my medical plan I have to see the specific doctor I chose as my primary care physician if I want to be covered for the visit. I recently had Step which “became” an ear infection. Now after completing the course of the antibiotics my eye that is on the same side as the ear was bloodshot and had a discharge. It was so bad the other day that when I woke up my eyelid was suck shut and I had to rub the dried whatever it was away. I was concered that my infection turned into conjunctivitis. Also I have been bleeding from my rectum when I have a BM. The BM’s have been painful ever since I started going to WW and while I’m sure it’s noting major because the stools don’t have any old blood in them I need to have it looked at.

Anyway my Dr is on Vacation for this week. I called his covering DR on Monday and recieved a voice mail that they (the covering dr) were checking voice mails and would call us back with an appointment. It is now Thursday and I have not heard from the covering Dr.

My Health Insurance will not pay for a visit to any one else because they do not consider this an emergency and there is a covering Dr. Other than expressing my displeasure with the lack of contact from the covering Dr with my Dr is there anything I can do? I will be calling my Dr on Monday and asking for the first apt he has available


I would have been calling the covering doctor again on Tuesday. Then again on Wednesday morning. If I didn’t get a call back by noon, I would start calling every 2 hours. By today I would have been calling every hour. My WAG is that your information got lost, or someone who was supposed to call you forgot, or some such thing. If the symptoms are still persisting, call them back now. If they’re already closed, leave a message that you really, really need to see a doctor. Call again tomorrow a.m., after the time they would usually be open. Repeat hourly as necessary.

If you do in fact still have a strep infection, this is really (IMHO) nothing to fool around with. Those things can be nasty if untreated. While you could be lucky, you *could * also have an infection that affects your heart valves, among other things.

The rectal bleeding could be just a hemmorhoid or other local irritation. The eye problem could also be an unrelated coincidence. Or not. Only a real doctor (which I am most assuredly not) can tell for sure.

I don’t believe I still have a Strep infection because there is no pain in my throat. My eye is still bothering me slightly but I can wait until Monday to talk to my Dr. My vision has not changed so I’m not worried.

I’m 99.44% certain the rectal bleeding is from hemmroids or because of hard stools there was damage to the lining. I need a script for a liquid stool softneer because I can not swallow pills of any kind.

I dunno, dude. I can’t believe your insurance company wouldn’t consider this at least a potential emergency. Anyhoo…don’t try to self-diagnose with something like this. You need to see someone.

This sounds like an emergency to me. Call your insurance company and tell them what’s up. There is likely an "urgent care’ facility they can send you to.

I did call my insurance company and told them what was up and they told me I could either change my PCP or go somewhere else with no coverage. There is an “urgent care” facility two doors down from my work but I would have to designate them as my PCP to have coverage then I could no longer go to my old Dr.

I’d do as MLS suggested and call the covering doctor repeatedly, or go sit in his office until he’s able to see you.

How quickly can they change the PCP? Can you change it now, see the new doctor, and then change it back when your real doctor comes back?

How often can you change your PCP? It may be worth it to change to the urgent care facility and then change back to your preferred doctor.

They say I would have to keep the new Dr for 30 days and I would run the risk of my old Dr not accepting be back