Medical question re: allergy to metal

I am allergic to every metal except pure silver and gold. I’m even allergic to sterling (.925) silver. This manifests itself as allergy to jewellery, razor blades, the buttons on my clothing, keys, etc. Benadryl cream is good once the rash has already started, but what can I take to prevent it from occurring? Something by mouth would be preferable, but oral Benadryl knocks me out. Would any other allergy medication work? How about Zyrtec?

Sounds like Contact Dermatitis of which [url=“”]Nickel Dermatitis is one form.

I deal with the same thing, and honestly, I’ve found that the best thing is avoidance whenever possible. Now, mine does not seem to be as severe as yours - I had to switch to a leather banded watch, and I can only wear all gold or silver jewelry, but day to day minor contact doesn’t usually bother me.

With my glasses, I foolishly bought metal frames without thinking about what would happen when the coating on the earpieces wore off - but a coat of clear nail polish fixed the problem, although I have to put it on about once a month or so. This might work for things like the back of buttons/snaps on your clothing or anything that touches your skin directly and you don’t take off and on (I don’t think it would work for jewelry for example).

I have no idea what you might do about razor blades.

Oh, and IANAD, and if you’re looking for medical advice, you should see your doctor.