Medical Question

Over the past years I have been going to the doctor because I occasionally get [according to the Doc] a buildup of bacteria at the back left side of my throat. He claims that its nothing serious and that theres really nothing I can do about it other than try to poke it off (Unfortunately gag-reflex being what it is, it makes it very uncomfortable)
Basically, its a white ‘chunk’ of bacteria that attaches at the back of the throat. It is not painfull, just very annoying/uncomfortable depending on the size it gets before it falls off.

Any ideas what it could be, or how it could be prevented, seeing as my doctor does not appear to have the foggiest idea about what to do :dubious:



Tonsilliths. They’ve come up a bunch of times on the board.

Everything I’ve ever heard about tonsil stones leads me to believe the worse threat they pose is bad breath (I have a cousin who used to get them…and now that I think about it, she did get smelly breath at times). I think having nasal mucus is one contributing factor, as the gunk lodges in the tonsil crypts, where the bacteria go to work on it, making a nice smelly glob. So, it seems, it would stand to reason that whatever hinders nasal mucus from running down your throat might help. I suppose knocking the bacteria down with some mouthwash like Listerine couldn’t hurt.

Well, if it’s at the back of the throat, this might be tricky. Yeah, he could gargle, but that still might not get the listerine where it needs to be, and that stuff should NOT be swallowed.

I honestly havent noticed the bad smell, all the other symptoms are the same though. A white, small like ‘blobl’ lodged at the back of the throat. Like i said, I have never stoped to smell it, so I’m not 100% it is the same thing :S

Well, you may be right. Like I said, it can’t hurt to try, and nobody is suggesting swallowing the stuff.

so basically everyone has identified teh stuff, but noone has said how to get rid of the damn annoying things (other than playin with your tongue)
Any suggestions?

IANAD, and this may not be the best approach, but it’s what works for me. I use a Q-tip to dislodge the bugger. This takes some cooperation with the gag reflex, and some can be difficult to remove.

For whatever reason, I seem to only get these on my right tonsil. Oh…and incidentally, any question you have of its effect on your breath can be answered by (gently and carefully) sniffing one once you dislodged it. Yes, gross. Never thought of doing that 'til hubby DeathLlama described the hideousness of it. Smells like rotting meat combined with the worst halitosis known to man. And woman!

Yeh, my gag-reflex being what it is, i could def NOT dislodge it with a q-tip. As for the smell, I think ill pass on smelling it and take ALL your guys and gals word and assume that it smells like ass :smiley: