Medical question

About 15 years ago I had a condition where my skin became numb. The numbness started with a ting in my right nipple and seemed to spread a few inches a day over the course of about 2 months. It went slightly below my waist and into my right leg and stayed on r/s of body. Once it started to retract it seemd it took about 1 week for the feeling to come back. Dr. had no clue what this was but surmised it might have been from some staff infections I had gotten the previous year. Any Theories? I still get the occassional tingle in rt nipple that may last a few hours.

Message boards aren’t good (sometimes, not even safe) places to get diagnostic or management queries answered for medical conditions.

I have no idea what the cause is or was of your particular condition.

In general, because of the way nerves are distributed, the commonest causes for changes in sensation follow distribution of those nerves and are related to a problem with the nerve somewhere after the brain and spinal cord (we call this “peripheral,” versus “central” which refers to the brain and spinal cord).

Local changes in skin perception (numbness or tingling or whatever) that occur in haphazard distribution are more frequently of central origin (multiple sclerosis, e.g.) or else local to the skin (leprosy, e.g.) from a local insult to the cutaneous nerves.

Since your condition seems to have resolved and not progressed, I’m not surprised it remains a diagnostic dilemma. I would not personally characterize the patterns you describe as being typical for staph infection sequelae.