Medical specialization

Which is more likely:

1.An oncology surgeon who does transplants?
2.A transplant surgeon with mostly cancer patients?

It is a pretty odd question. I doubt that either of them are common at all but #2 is more plausible to me.

I’m an odd duck Shag. :smiley:

I agree with Shag, on both points.

A transplant surgeon could end up doing a lot of livers on folks with hepatomas.

Less likely to do many transplants on renal cancer patients, though. Usually only one kidney involved in the cancer, after all.

Though a surgical oncologist would also have similar opportunities, I suppose.

My inclination was #2 as well, thanks guys.

It’s definitely 3. A medical oncologist who does stem cell transplants.

How about a Gastroenterologist who does Fecal transplantation?

Now a psychiatrist who does optical exams - those are hard to find.