Medicare B, signed up late, need to start it earlier than July

My partner didn’t sign up for B when he turned 65. He had no other health ins., I think he simply thought he was invincible. Yadda yadda “I lived thru Viet Nam etc.” He’s an idiot.
So now he’s signed up and is accepting the penalty that he will pay from his SS, forever. However, it doesn’t kick in until July this year. And he’s having dizzy spells that include leg tremors. And weird BP #'s. We called the doc’s office to find out the cost of a non-insured appt. and that won’t work.
But she told us she had heard of SS allowing Part B to be started early. I have called SS and they confirm that yes, sometimes they do.
Anyone have any experience with this?
And yes, I KNOW he’s a dumbass-don’t remind me.

If “lived through Vietnam” means he is a veteran, try contacting the VA. Veterans are covered if they don’t have other health insurance. It can’t hurt to ask.

Veterans are covered even if they have other insurance.

some relevant information from the Stars and Stripes

Did he recently quit working? If so COBRA is a possibility:

All veterans? Even those of us that served stateside?

Two good sources that you or he can call for information: (call their national helpline)

This is right in the wheelhouse of these organizations.