Medication kept in hot trunk all day

I have 2 new medications for my psoriasis. One is a cream (non steroid) and the other is a steroid gel.

Long story short, I left my luggage with both in the trunk of my car all day at work, with the outside temps into the high 90’s. Both meds say store at room temp, with one listing the excursion temp as 104F.

Should I be concerned with either medication?

It would depend exactly on what the medication is, however, assuming that neither is a compounded medication, or that they are suppose to be refrigerated, then they would probably be ok. The medication probably won’t be potent all the way to its expiration date, but in the time it takes you to use them (as long as you use regularly) it will probably be fine.

What Hirka said. As long as refrigeration isn’t required, they’ll be fine as long as you don’t keep doing it. They’ll just lose potency a little quicker, and the consistency probably won’t be right until they’re back to room temperature.

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samclem, moderator

The medications are:
Fluocinonide gel 0.05%

Protopic ointment 0.1%

But from what has been posted, it sounds like this shouldn’t be a concern. However, I took the meds out last night (around 10pm) and both tubes were still quite hot.

I’d hate to waste time trying a new medication, only to have no results because the meds were ruined by me stupidly leaving them in my furnace of a trunk all day.

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I know it’s a boring answer, but I’d ask the pharmacist. They actually know this type of thing, specifically for the medication you have. They might be a bit conservative, I guess.