Medium, Fine, Extra Fine: Pick a pen tip

I prefer medium but the guy who buys our office supplies has a fetish for Extra Fine. To me, it’s like writing with an exacto knife. I hate it.

What’s your preference?

Medium all the way. Fine/extra fine are too delicate because I have a “heavy” writing hand, the kind that embosses the back of the paper.

Besides, you can’t get a thick line with fine/extra fine. I want my writing to be readable. You can’t do chicken-scratches with a medium pen.

Pencil. If not given that choice, cheap Bic. So I guess medium.

I prefer extra-fine myself, specifically the Pilot Precise V5 rolling ball. They just write more smoothly and work better for me (I’m left-handed, for what it’s worth, and some pens just don’t work well with how I write). When I try to write with a medium the tip just seems so … fat.

I prefer a fine. Medium looks too sloppy to me (I write small).

Extra-Fine, my handwriting is tiny, and anything above a Fine tends to look like crap, as far as what kind of writing implements i favor, from most to least it’s;

Fountain Pen>Rollerball>Pencil>Ballpoint

ballpoints reinforce the “Death Grip” and make my handwriting look Doctor-caliber

Extra fine for me. I just got a new fountain pen, and it’s definitely a medium, so it’s taking a little getting used to. (it was made by a fellow in town, and it just beautiful. I decided to overlook the fact the nib isn’t quite to my liking cause it’s so pretty)

Medium thanks. Extra fine is scritchy.

This is the only extra-fine pen I use. It’s great for drawings, or making notations on drawings. At one time, it was very hard to get these ordered at the office; now I see them all over the place in every color you can imagine.

If I can’t use a pencil, I’ll use either a fine (Pentel RSVP) or a medium, depending on the brand. I have one fine-tipped pen that writes like a medium (Pilot Vball). For pencils, I use 0.7 for general writing and 0.5 for calculations or sketching.

Exceedingly fine. Microscopic. If I could find a pen with a two-micron wide tip I’d be all over it.

Extra fine. My writing is incredibly small, so I need it for legibility.

That’s exactly my issue. I prefer as fine as I can get it. I just adopted my Mom’s fountain pen, which has a deliciously thin nib. Once I get used to the different “feel” on the paper of it, I think I’m hooked.

Yeah, those are exactly the pens I use as well.

Interestingly, when I use pencil fro calcs, I use a fairly stout lead as I tend to snap fine leads. But for pens, I like extra-fine.


I usually go with Fine.

However, sometimes I come across a great Extra Fine which is, as advertised, extra fine AND also has a sharp dark ink. These I love.

With most brands, though, Extra Fine has too faint a line for my taste.

Medium. Blue. I’m not real picky about the type, but I am about the color.

I’m carrying two Uniballs in my back pocket. One is “Fine” and the other is “Micro”. Whenever I pull out the Fine one, it just feels wrong in my hand, and so I go back and pick the other one.

Extra extra extra fine! As fine as they come. My writing is a lot less legible when the nib is thicker. It feels like writing with crayons to write with a medium nib.

Add me to yellowval and tremorviolet’s club – Extra-Fine Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball all the way.

Me too. FTR, I write hard (multiple carbons? no problem!) and fairly large. I was that kid in school who was constantly sharpening pencils, because I couldn’t stand using them once they’d rounded off.