I’ve always had an interest in medicine and I decided to download a few of the podcasts from MedPod101. Specifically, one of the ones on Diabetes and one on heart attacks.

Has anyone else listened to this Doctor? I’m torn as to what to think. He seems to know what he’s talking about - but I’m not a doctor so I really don’t know.

What is…off-putting…is that he does all the voices and, at least so far, that includes accents of other ethnic groups. To me it seems as though he’s flirting with overt racism.

In one of the heart attack podcasts he puts on what can only be described as a ‘Borat’ accent and pretends to be an inmate asking for help with his chest pain. This chest pain was brought on while attempting to rape his cell mate. He wants help from the doctor to get back to raping his cell mate.

In the diabetes one, he adopts a South American accent as ‘pedro’ who after every couple of sentences say ‘or something’.