Meenie7's invisible friend

Yes, it was. And, like with Meenie7, it was Polycarp’s long, non-insane posting history that caused me to be slow to call the Billy Goats Gruff for an intervention. And, as I recall, faster to gently suggest he talk it over with someone. Modern medicine can do wonders with these things.


It is kind a funny, though, that in the process of pitting somebody who believes in paranormal crap, that you claim to be able to detect a schizo ‘auro’ over the internet.

Yay, my first pit thread! Do I get a toaster? :slight_smile:

FTR, I’m a 28 yr old female.

Diogenes, I can’t muster much upset about this. You are free to think I’m lying, since I don’t know you and so your accusation of lying has little impact on me. I told the story for the people who were interested in it. If you’re not one of them, feel free not to read it, the same way I don’t read political threads or threads about games I don’t play or movies I haven’t seen. Simple enough.

Plus, he’s a reverse zombie.

No, what was ridiculous about it was that a long rambling story ended with the GTM being quoted: “Dreams are like the future – they are what you make of them.” That doesn’t even sound like a future religious leader, much less a messiah. It was as weak as spongemom’s water droplet on the lens that was supposed to be her dead cat’s spirit.

Czarcasm, I understand what you’re saying, but who besides lekatt is affirming her belief?

Just curious, why would you bother to post that you disagree with there being only two possibilities, but not list any of the others?

not that I give two shits about the issues in this thread or the poster being pitted or the subject - but this is just stupid.

When Dio spoke (posted) about not getting that type of “aura” from the poster, he wasn’t claiming to have paranormal talents, detecting some visual ‘aura’ over the poster or whatever. It’s the same as if he’d said “I don’t get that vibe” ie, he’s saying that having dealt w/folks w/that particular psychologicgal condition, there’s patterns of thoughs expressed, types of connections, all sorts of indicators that would be similar. and that the poster in question doesn’t exhibit what Dio commonly sees in folks who have the condition.

I did list another possibility. “Wrong.”

Wow, she is serious? I gotta vote deluded. Of course she will never try to prove anything because we all know what she would wind up proving.

This is exactly right. I was using the word “aura” figuratively. As I alluded to a little in that post, I meant that she does not exhibit the characteristics that I’ve seen in schizophrenic personalites. She’s too bright and sunny, too coherent. Too pithy. I don’t see the rambling, the non-sequiturs or the off the wall connections. Maybe she’s just having a good day. I don’t know for sure. I’m about 70/30 that she’s just making it up.

It’s kind of pathetic and sad if she really believes it. Or evidence of some mental illness. It doesn’t seem like she has that many other friends besides the “ghost.”


That’s right up there with “I know you are but what am I?”

If by “wrong,” you mean honestly mistaken, how would you distinguish that from delusion?

Personally, I find this thread quite hilarious, and one of the weirdest I’ve read here. I was very curious to know where it was going. I certainly didn’t feel the need to interrupt the flow, even though I was sure someone eventually would open a pit thread.

It vaguely reminds me of the “pyjama girl” thread (though I was less tolerant of the pyjama girl, actually).

I’m not a psychiatrist, so I’d hesitate to try. I was simply pointing out that there are other possibilities besides “lying or crazy.” It irks the crap out of me when people argue that way: “You are clearly wrong; therefore, you must be either lying or crazy. There are no other possibilities.”

The wikipedia page on “delusion” seems to address the same general point:

My bolding. If you see a ghost or hear Jesus or whatever, you’re not necessarily deluded. The distinction seems to be whether you believe your perceptions or not. I think it was Sam Kinison who pointed out that, even if you hear your dog telling you to kill people, you don’t actually have to do it.

If I take the brown acid, and see huge, leathery bat wings sprout from my shoulders, they are no less of a hallucination because I resist the temptation to jump off the fire escape.

Yeah, but if you hallucinate wings and yet are still uncertain whether you can really fly, how crazy are you really?

At the very least, significantly less crazy than the guy who hallucinates wings and is therefore certain he can fly.

Nonsense. We humor you, even though you have a tendancy to be an irrationally angry and tightly wound asshole about 93.7% of the time. :slight_smile:

If I had to put money down, I’d bet on a genuine delusion. This makes me pity our young Doper, but maybe she’s happier in life than I am.

However – Meenie7, if you have this experience and don’t try to find out if it’s based on anything outside your mind, then, no, you’re not a skeptic.

ETA: I could have sworn Lekatt was finally banned. Was that just a pleasant dream?