Meenie7's invisible friend

Meenie7 has been jerking off in this thread on the paranormal with a bunch of inane posts about a “ghost” friend named Marcus who goes to movies and talks to him. Either he’s making it all up (which I think is most likely), or he’s a schizophrenic who needs meds. Either way, HE IS COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT and I wish people would quit humoring him. If he’s a liar, you’re just feeding a troll, if he’s not a liar, you’re encouraging a mentally ill person in his delusions when you should be urging him to get help. Personally, I don’t get a schizo vibe from meenie7. I’ve known and worked with a few schizophrenics and he doesn’t give off the aura. He’s not chaotic and rambling enough. I think he’s just making shit up. If I’m wrong, though, he needs help, not humoring.

There are only two choices here, either dishonesty or mental illness. Let’s address those posts accordingly.

I predict this thread will not have a happy death and will not cross over.

Shut up, Dio. I want to see how this comes out. The experiments, I mean, not your thread. I think she does believe it herself, and I see no harm in that. Don’t ruin this.

Is Meenie male or female? I honestly don’t know but both gender tenses have been used.

I think Meenie is a she, because she says “I remind him of Anna.” I assume that means in looks as well as demeanor. Plus, she mentions being kissed by him.

Maybe he’s gay? Which would mean the ghost is also gay.

I’m with Dio on this one though, apparently this new-agey, ghosts and spirits BS is the new religion. And just as religion apparently gets a pass on being crazy in our culture, this shit is being defended too as “alternative” ways of thinking, which is passing strange considering that there’s probably very little actual thinking involved.

What “experiments” are you talking about? I can tell you right now that no testing will ever be done on this “ghost”-Proper etiquette demands that all nonsensical claims be accepted so that any silly claims you might have be accepted in turn. This way, everybody gets to be special. :rolleyes:

I don’t think too many of us have illusions about the depth of, say, lekatt’s thinking on these issues. We just remain a quiet majority.

She writes like a girl. Not an adult woman, either, though she may be one chronologically.

Really, though, if Minnie7 did not consciously create Marcus, is a Pit thread appropriate for her fragile state? She needs help, not abuse.

Well, that and a teeny part of me is interested in the tests, too.

OTOH, if she’s [del]trolling for[/del] seeking attention by making it all up, I must congratulate her for how well she imitates a person who really should see somebody. She’s even drawn a bit of sympathy out of my cynical old self.

That’s right, and never forget it. You are unique, just like everyone else.

I apologize if I got the gender wrong,

I debated with myself on starting a pit thread, but if Meenie is making it up, she deserves to be pitted. If not, then she needs medical attention not half-baked “testing.” I suspect that she’s making it up, but if she really believes in this, she should not be encouraged to think it’s real.

Look, I’m not saying I believe one way or the other. What I am saying is that this is not polycarp’s gay teen Messiah, or any of the other bad-fanfic/glurge stories that have been told on this board over the years. I honestly think she believes it herself, and I want to hear more. If she does need help, being turned away as a troll isn’t it.

I don’t believe in ghosts. I’m not sure what is going on with meenie, but I’d rather see what develops from this than run her down with torches and pitchforks. She’s never acted nuts* before, far as I can tell.
I mean that in the nicest possible way.

And neither is feeding the delusion. In fact, the latter can be much more destructive in the long run than the former.

There are only two options: Lying or crazy. There are no other possibilities. There is no reason to “see where it goes,” because there is no possibility that what she’s claiming has any reality to it. The only thing to determine is whether she needs to be called out for trolling or encouraged to seek help. Humoring her is pointless either way. It certainly doesn’t help her if she’s ill.

Why? What’s the difference? I don’t think Polycarp’s Messiah speculation was anywhere near as out to lunch as this is.

Eh, yeah it was. The only difference was Poly had the good sense to let it go.

ETA: Also, I’m pretty certain that Poly believed what he was saying. OTOH, I think meenie is just straight up lying. No, I can’t really explain why; call it a gut feeling.

I think Poly’s theory was less crazy because there was nothing overtly supernatural about it. It was a naturalistic speculation about how a new “Messiah” might arise. He was then excoriated by Christians calliing him nuts because everybody knows Jesus won’t just be born as a regular person, he’ll appear in a ball of fire in the sky with a bunch of angels.

Poly’s theory at least has some small naturalistic plausibility to it. An invisible ghost friend does not, and even if you think that Poly’s belief was crazy, it’s certainly no MORE crazy than a ghost friend, so if Poly merited mockery for it, why not meenie?

I like ghosts better than Jesus.

But Jesus is a ghost. At least 1/3 of him is.

See, I thought you were talking about the debacle in which Poly claimed not only had this Messiah arrived, but was certain he knew who it was. That was…odd.