Meet Murkin: A very patient dog.

Murkin’s owners foster kittens for a local shelter and big old softy Murkin helps out.
What I find really remarkable is how the kittens bond with Murkin.

Sleepy time.
A new batch finds a friend.
Playtime on the furry mountain.
Murkin is outnumbered.
Cuddle time
YouTube Channel

Very nice dog, patient is right! :slight_smile:

(the outnumbered link takes me to a new thread page here??)

I don’t know how that happened. :smack:

Thanks! :slight_smile: I thought it was just me, actually.

Murkin makes me happy. I accidentally found him on youtube a while ago. I finally had to like him on facebook so I don’t have to go searching for his updates.

I’ve seen these before. Such a good dog. My favorite is the one where the kitten tries to get his tongue.

Meh, it’s been done.

very nice, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I still liked it.

I like it too! Such a nice break from all the arguing and one-ups-man-ship!