Meet our new kitty, Stellaluna!

I’ve loved Russian Blues since we had our first one back in 2000 (and sadly lost her in 2005 to lymphoma). We had got a pair of sisters in 2005 a few months after we lost Meep, and they lived for many years until we finally lost the second one in 2019. I’ve been wanting a new Russian girl ever since, to hang out with our three wonderful rescue tabbies.

I’m on several Facebook groups for Russian fans, and discovered on one of these that there was a breeder of our favorite type in Seattle. We contacted her and got on her waiting list, and finally, last week, we were able to pick up our baby.

I adore this kitten already. She’s confident, purry, bold, and completely oblivious to the fact that her new siblings don’t seem to know what to make of her. She sleeps next to us in bed (sometimes on my neck) and last night she jumped on my head while I was playing Beat Saber. I am thoroughly smitten, and so is the spouse. The tabbies are slowly adjusting, but as of today everybody is getting along.

Isn’t she a cutie?

Stellaluna is gorgeous! Such a pretty name too. So glad you found each other!

Yes, awesome kitty and awesome name! Congrats!

Very pretty kitty! Congrats to you and the whole household!

Beautiful eyes she has! Going to be a good-sized girl when she grows into the ears.

What a cutie! May you have many happy years together.

When ‘has a great personality’ is just as true as ‘what a pretty girl’!

My wife is off in squee-land. She wants to know if you call her Stella, Stellar, or Luna for short.

Goodness, that is an absolutely gorgeous girl!

The wisdom in those eyes!

That’s what Yoda as a kitty would look like.

Yep, agreed.

Really, Infovore – all cats are entitled to equal treatment before the SDMB citizenry.

We await equally cute pictures of the other 3.

Wow, what a looker! Congratulations.

She looks part fennec fox! <3

I love this breed, too, and recently discovered that some Russian Blue carry a gene for a double ear mutation.

And this cat is called Yoda!

Trust me, they’re all cute! I’ll upload more photos when I figure out how to get Amazon Photos to let me pick more from my camera roll without giving it access to the whole darn thing. :confused:

I use It’s free. You upload one photo at a time. You can keep all of them hidden.

They don’t seem to have a phone app, though. The one I found with their name looks like it’s about gifs and memes, not file storage.

They do have a phone app. I have it on my android phone. I used to to upload pics to imgur directly from my phone. I don’t anymore because I’ve found something that works better for me:

These days I use an app on my phone and on my windows computer called “Photosync.” It is a very quick way to get photos from your phone to your computer (where I want my photos to reside). Then I can upload to imgur from my computer.

If by file storage you mean putting all your pics on imgur for long-term storage-- no, that’s not what it’s for. I stick photos there that I want to post on line or share with a link. I do have a hundred or so pics stored there, but it’s not a storage site as such.