Mega-Anthem by Republicans - Who and What?

Last night, I was driving home and the 80s classic “Do They Know Its Christmas?” by Band Aid - the mega-group of musicians raising money for Ethopia famine victims.

And it made me think of all the other mega-group money raising anthems we’ve had.

And then, just to amuse myself, I started thinking about a bunch of blue-bloods singing a mega-anthem to raise money. You know, the pearl and polo crowd.

Because, and correct me if I’m wrong, it often feels like these songs are usually done by “bleeding heart liberal” types - and that would be opposite of the group I’m picturing.

Tell me whom you would nominate to be part of such a group - and some potential lyrics.

(Or don’t - I’m still giggling in my head.)

Get your Yankee ass off my property.
Don’t care if the bank gave you a deed.
This farms been Cuyler land for generations.
Since we beat back those slinky Japanese.
In the war of 1812, bring our boys home.

Full disclosure - 2007 Squidbillies, although it sure reads like a Dixie mega anthem to me :slight_smile:

ETA - I nominate the group Alabama

I dunno, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” could have been sung by the AFA. I subscribe to their newsletter because I like to pop a blood vessel or two at their in(s)anity. They have been recently threatening to boycott Gap for celebrating the upcoming “holidays” and not specifically “Christmas”. That was last week, then this week they offered up a choice because Gap’s latest ad mentioned Christmas along with Kwanzaa, Hannukkah, and Solstice amongst others. So it was a victory they thought, but also offensive because Christmas was being compared to the “pagan” holiday of Solstice.

Sounds pretty right wing up to that point.

But if you want a “joke”, the Rev Phelps family singers have released a video about, well, you know. I don’t have the stomach to watch it again. It would be funny if it were just adults singing it, it just gets sad when you see the kids indoctrinated into that kind of hate.

(That’s not to say all right-wingers think as such, but that type of belief system tends to stay on that side of the spectrum).

I do have a feeling it’d be primarily country musicians who would be involved in it. It seems like every time a Republican candidate tries to use a rock song at their rallies, the singer/band who did that song raises a stink and makes them stop using the song…it does seem like most rock musicians are liberals.

That said, Ted Nugent would probably be up for this project, if you could get him to set down the automatic rifle for 5 minutes. :wink:

Orrin Hatch could write the song, John Ashcroft could sing it, Tom DeLay could dance to it, Mike Huckabee could play bass.

Charlie Daniels would probably be down with that. In fact, they could probably adapt several of his already existing songs for the purpose.

I have deleted most of the lyrics posted above by Onomatopoeia

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This one.

Sung by Shirley Temple.


I love this giggle