Mega Corporations Ruling America

Has anyone noticed that all the big corporations are out of control (watch any documentary about anything) and no one is talking about it? Corporations are censoring the news, squashing facts that show them in a bad light, and are totally screwing the “Little People”.

Recently I have watched documentaries about bottled water, food production (factory method of “farming”), pollution, and other environmental nightmares that are making people sick.

The government seems unaware of how global this has become, and so do most people!:smack::eek: Am I alone in noticing this??


I watched a documentary about birds of paradise last night. Nothing about corporations in it.

You sure the corporations didn’t make you watch that bird documentary to distract you from the Truth?

You could be right. There was a scene where one of the birds had been squashed.

Yeah, it’s really sad how the life expectancy is on a downward spiral. Infant mortality is at an all-time high. And it’s all the fault of Big Corporations.

It was allegorical. The birds migrating represented offshoring, and gravity represented mans struggle against the forces of the big corporations trying to keep them down. And I’m sure you know what the clouds and wind represented…



Hey, NewDeb: Now that I got the snarkiness out of my system, just a word of advice. You need to come up with a reasonable well-thought-out OP around here to be taken seriously. Your OP was just a random rant at corporations. Pick something specific and make your case. And we usually ask for better cites than “watch any documentary about anything”.

I personally agree that many corporations have too much power and that they do work to slant the political debate. Slanting the debate in their favor is what PR is all about after all. I also think that increasing life expectancy is kind of off tangent and doesn’t disprove that.

That said, John Mace has a point. Especially in the Great Debates forum, you need to narrow your focus beyond a criticism of big corporations in general. You’re new and you’ll catch on.

Well, (s)he’s new. We’ll see about the second half of the question. :smiley:

For various reasons I’m guess we may not see the OP back to follow up.


What is your Modest Proposal, then?

But, we all know liberals control the media.

The corporations are liberal?! :slight_smile:

The OP is of course posting from a computer that was handmade by Native American craftsmen.

There is no such thing as the “Liberal Media”. The New York Times is owned by NYT Incorporated which is a subidiary of Albion Ballistic Dynamics which is owned by the Murdock family who are owned by Halliburton.

No… I am Spartacus!!! Haven’t checked my 401k lately, but I’m pretty sure most index funds and pensioners have a stake in Halliburton or at least include it in their benchmarks.

To the OP, We have met the enemy and he is us. (and I’m ok with that :))

Yes, computers are made by corporations. That does not address the question about whether or not some corporations are out of control.

It’s logically possible for both things to be true.

[li]Corporations make computers.[/li][li]Some corporations are out of control.[/li][/ul]
The two statements are not mutually exclusive.

Computers are made by corporations. Corporations are out of control. Therefore, computers are out of control.

I for one welcome our new Skynet overlords.

I dunno… it seems that problems like pollution or ‘news control’ would happen anyway. If power were amalgamated in a different system than the corporate one, we’d be pointing our fingers at something else. Because we would still have our mega societies with voracious demands for a million and one consumer or information products, with at least similar results.

What is the OP’s solution? Memo the government about out of control corporations? Then what?

So we should throw up our hands and say it’s all unavoidable? We should fight to keep such things under control as much as possible regardless of the cause.

And the pedants are out. I KNEW someone would say this.