Meigs Field 'abandoned', says Chicago

I don’t feel like ranting, so I’m just sharing a little mundane stuff.

According to an AOPA article, the City of Chicago is claiming that they had to demolish Meigs Field because it was ‘abandoned’.

This article, which is linked in the original link, says:

‘Abandoned’? What about all of those airplanes that were using Meigs Field before Mayor Daley destroyed the airport? If the airport was ‘abandoned’, then why were all of those aircraft parked there?

Of course, this ‘abandonment’ story is another canard. After destroying this historic airport, Daley claimed it was necessary for ‘security reasons’.

Chicago admits to spending $2.8 million in federal funds to destroy Meigs Field. If the FAA determines that the funds were used improperly, the city faces a fine as high as $8.4 million plus $31,000 for failing to give at least 60 days prior notice of the closing to the FAA.

None of which is going to get Meigs reopened, unfortunately.

But hey, it’s going to be a moneymaker to the city, not a place where terrorists can take off from and land their planes on their way up to Rhinelander for a noontime patty melt before returning for the evening. It’ll be a nice concert venue. After X years, it will be returned to the city and turned into a park with all the cash that was brought in from having Brittney Spears concerts there.

Then it will be a park again.